​​​Public Service and the Rule of Law

With an interest for public service and serving my community, I applied, gained employment and successfully finished training to become a Provincial Peace Officer. I moved to rural southern Alberta to work as a Peace officer from 2011 until 2014. Here I gained life changing experiences and the unique perspective of public service as a uniformed officer in communities, schools, on the highways and multi-agency joint operations.

Energy Sector and Pipelines

Experience, hard work and solid work-ethic earned me a job offer that I could not refuse in the our vibrant energy sector. I became a safety consultant, working on pipeline pre-commissioning projects. This took me through Alberta and gave me the opportunity to work on almost all major projects throughout Northern Alberta and BC regions. After a few years, I earned my designation as a National Construction Safety Officer and began managing projects. This gave me first hand experience and a deep understanding of the industry including jobs, products/markets, and globally renowned innovation.

Communities and Neighbourhoods

Working on pipelines in the private sector involves project downtime from days to weeks at a time. Being so energetic, fundamentally unable to "sit and wait" for things to happen and interested in communities/real estate, I studied and obtained my license to work as a realtor in residential, commercial and rural properties. This gave me insight into our communities, neighbourhood growth plans, development projects and productive time management. This also prepared me to have a career to fall back onto during a market downturn. 

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

I am also proud to be the co-owner of one of Edmonton's highest rated ethnic-food restaurants. Having full-time/part-time employees, constant purchases, capital costs and customer service in such a sensitive industry quickly gives one the appreciation for small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs. 

Non-Profit and Volunteering

Ever since I can remember, I have volunteered at various organizations throughout the city and beyond. From assisting in sports, recreation, and cultural to inner-city shelters, animal protection institutions, and staff relations. A position I recently stepped down from was the board of directors for the UCP Edmonton-Whitemud CA in order to run as a contestant. Today, I am the President of the Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton, a mentor on the Pavilion Chair Committee for the Edmonton Heritage Festival Association, a director for a non-profit soccer advocacy group, a volunteer instructor/scenario training for law enforcement personnel, and an operating financial mentor for non-profit organizations.

Nomination Contestant for United Conservative Party in Edmonton-Whitemud

An avid supporter of the oil and gas sector who understands, supports and promotes this world-leading industry in Alberta.

An experienced leader who has the public service experience coupled with small business ownership and non-profit involvement to understand the average Albertan perspective.

An Albertan that will support limited government and lower taxes.