Real Estate

A Real Estate Associate is a lot like a politician in the sense that they represent clients, have fiduciary responsibilities for the clients and are only paid if they keep their clients satisfied. A politician, in a simplified form performs a similar role. A real estate professional is involved with the largest financial transactions that most people will make in their lifetime. A home purchase or sale is a sensitive process that has a large impact on both parties involved. The work that realtors do are generally the same work but how that work is carried out is what makes the difference between a normal realtor and one that works for you. 

Payman went through the RECA Real Estate Professional Program and finished the program in August of 2014. He became licensed to trade real estate in Residential, Rural and Commercial Properties. In early 2016, Payman co-found Pars Real Estate Group and continues to grow the brand within the Edmonton Area Market. 

Understanding Real Estate is fundamental to understanding urban planning, growth and key characteristics of areas which serve to progress or regress an area. Real Estate professionals have a great insight to the City and growing communities by being actively and professionally involved within the many areas. 

Real Estate Agents are sales professionals. A core foundation of success in sales is negotiation. A combination of being approachable along with great skill in negotiation is essential for the City's current Annexation process. A competent real estate professional will understand the importance of this addition to our City. 

Working as a part of a real estate team has been the highlight of Payman's life in Real Estate. This is very similar to being a specific Ward Councillor within a team of City Councillors. Representing individuals and their needs within a group with a collective goal of achievement summarizes a unique similarity of being an equal team member in a Real Estate setting and being a Councillor within City Council.