​​Law Enforcement

As a Provincially mandated Officer working in Rural and Urban Alberta, Payman gained experience in a vast diversity of Law enforcement. Provincial mandates are appointed to officers so that the agencies/municipalities utilizing these officers have the ability to hire officers for specific provincial regulations such as the Traffic Safety Act and the Gaming and Liquor Act.

Payman attended the provincial Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Training Academy; the facility used to train Provincial Officers like Sheriffs, Community Peace Officers, Correctional Officers and more. This training facility is located within our riding, situated near the river valley in Riverbend. 

Aside from positively contributing to society, he sought a law enforcement career as a basis of understanding where society meets legislation. Law enforcement personnel have a unique position that gives them a perspective of what effects legislation have on the citizens subject to them. 

Aside from regular duties, Payman was posted to several schools to where he successfully established and maintained a proactive relationship with the students and the enforcement department. Working with the local detachments on a daily basis and often part taking in joint operations with the RCMP, Alberta's Commercial Vehicle Enforcement including at commercial scales, Alberta Traffic Sheriffs including traffic safety programs, Alberta Fish and Wildlife with regards to back country patrols and the hunting season, Alberta Parks including boat patrols at some of Alberta's provincial parks, and other enforcement bodies which help to provide a wide range of experience throughout Alberta's diverse enforcement departments.

Law enforcement experience, as a whole, is incomparable with any other line of work. This is a profession where you may start a work day dealing with extensive and judicially critical paperwork, respond to an urgent situation where you find yourself in a physical altercation with someone who intends to harm you while your focus is only to restrain the threat, followed by attending a motor vehicle collision with multiple fatalities and then a presentation or seminar to a class of D.A.R.E. students at a local school. While it is unlikely and heaven forbid that every shift is similar to this, it is not as uncommon as one could hope. The emotional and psychological self control that a person learns under these circumstances are critical life skills that can be applied to a variety of aspects. Law enforcement officers often face a unique perspective where they may be dealing with an individual who's intention is to harm the officer or worse and the officer's training focuses in eliminating the emotional response and dealing with the individual with the intent to restrain an imminent threat.

In general, most first responders can relate to the positive emotional self control skills that are gained through these professions and how to utilize them to proactively be a better contributing family/society member outside of work. Payman will always have tremendous respect for our military and first responders as he is able to relate and speak to this thankless group of individuals in the same language. 

While Payman is no longer working as an officer, he is still certified and active in the training field. He is a certified instructor in Control Tactics Survival Skills and often volunteers to assist the instructors at the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Training Academy in training new recruits.