​​Energy Sector/Oil and Gas Industry

Payman is the owner of Pars Consulting Inc. Pars Consulting provides a variety of services such as project management, safety consulting, pipeline construction consulting, pre-commissioning consulting, and field tech services. He started the business in 2011 and has worked on almost every major project in the province including:

  • Suncor Energy
  • Syncrude 
  • CNRL (Canadian Natural Resources Limited)
  • JACOS (Japan and Canada Oilsands)
  • Husky Energy
  • Nexen Oilsands
  • Brion Energy
  • Sunshine Oilsands
  • Cenovus Energy​
  • Various Trans Canada Pipeline sites

Several other sites that are not included in this list. Most of the projects that Pars Consulting has working on within the industry have been pipeline. Having worked from the pre-construction phase to post construction and maintenance, Payman has gained invaluable knowledge of the arterial framework of our Province's Energy Sector. First hand knowledge and experience within this sector gives a candidate the competitive edge with regards to controversies such as pipeline construction and the advantages/disadvantages of the energy sector. 

With proven competency, training and documented certification, Payman obtained the designation of National Construction Safety Officer in May of 2015. Extensive knowledge of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Codes is gained from this certification and line of work. This involves composition, implementation and administration of management safety policies. 

Having a first hand understanding of where roughly a quarter of Alberta's income comes from is crucial to an informed candidate. Payman has experienced working within this vast industry, the strict environmental regulations and guidelines that go hand in hand with it, the accommodations and schedules that accompany working away from home and the vast power that this industry has in regards to job loss/creation. A good candidate will be well informed of the industry but a great candidate is not only well informed but has experienced the industry first hand.