The main job of a politician is to represent his or her community in the manner that the constituents see in their best interest. While I hold the utmost respect for those with such expertise in a given field of work, this is not the task of a politician. The committees, panels of experts, tribunals and advisory boards that make decisions in governments are the real experts and it is the elected official's task to relay the voice of their ward in government affairs. Born with two ears and one mouth, using those proportionally will give most politicians the most important tools towards success.

You have a variety of experience but lack the long term experience in a specific field. Why would I elect you instead of someone with 25 years experience in a specific practice?

This constituency is one of the most diverse communities in the entire Province.

              We have a professional diverse community made up of large/small business owners, white collar workers, blue collar workers, law enforcement personnel/emergency service workers, health care workers, teachers and students. This is a vibrant area that has a large number of young professionals. I am a small business owner in the oil and gas sector, white collar worker as a realtor, blue collar worker in the oil and gas industry and former law enforcement. The task at hand is to listen to, understand and speak for this professional community. 

               This is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Alberta with people from all walks of life living as neighbours. We have proud, born and raised Albertans, members of the Chinese, Korean, Filipino, South and East Asian, East Indian, European, Middle Eastern, African, and South American Community among us. I was born in Iran, I immigrated here at a very young age with my family and will forever be indebted to my parents for bringing us to the best place on this Earth. The Albertan lifestyle mixing with the diverse cultural ethnicities that Southwest Edmonton has to offer is, to me, the most respectful, enriching and collaborative environment that a City can offer.  

                Being a young candidate with close ties to the community would allow me to engage the youth in our community in helping shape the world they are growing into. Having a proactive relationship with the youth community is key to ensuring long term progress with active engagement from the government, to the local constituency office, to the engaged youth and passed onto the generations to follow. During the course of my law enforcement career (while I was not mandated to) I actively requested to and engaged with the local youth and schools to make a very big impact on the foundation of our society. These are our future co-workers, neighbours, bosses and politicians.  

The combination of being able to listen and speak in similar tones with small business owners and industry workers, first responders, working hand in hand with the local multicultural societies and being an active member with the heritage festival, engaging the youth and being able to effectively communicate with these future professionals will help to understand and progress a community as a whole.

With genuine passion for the Career, the strive to be face of my community, and never taking no for an answer, I am prepared to take on this duty. Like most professions, almost anyone can be taught how to become a politician, a police officer or a professor but teaching someone to want/love the work or to be genuine is almost impossible. This is the career path that I had chosen at 15 years of age and continue to strive towards it. While I do not have direct political experience as a City Councilor, I've held elected positions on various boards. I currently hold an elected board member position as the vice-president of the Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton. I would recommend any questions regarding my ability to go above and beyond can be directed to the Society, any of its member's and any other associations that I have had the pleasure of dealing with as a reference of my character.

You have no experience as a politician, why should I believe you're up to the task?

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a diverse Ward with residents from all walks of life within this Ward. What gives you the idea that you'd be the most appropriate candidate to see this Ward Progress?

Working as a uniformed officer in a small town quickly taught me to understand that the standards will be held higher whether I am on the job or not. This is not something new to me and as you're likely aware, I am a small business owner in the oil and gas industry and also a co-owner of a real estate team. These two along with sitting on 2 separate boards take up quite a bit of my time. From the unusual working hours of law enforcement to working out of town on an Oil and Gas site; working a minimum of 84 hours per week on site and following up with work that I must tend to upon returning to the city keep me actively engaged in multitasking and prioritizing my time. Unusual working hours and days along with the multitasking have made up most of my working life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

A candidate will be held to a higher standard by society and working as an Councillor will take up a lot of personal time. The work will be very dynamic and you will have to multitask often. Are you prepared to commit long days and hour to complete the tasks at hand?