Lets take a look at a scenario:

Candidate A spent $100,000 on their campaign

Candidate B spent $80,000 on their campaign

Candidate C spent $10,000 on their campaign

Theoretically the exposure of Candidate A would be 1.25x more than Candidate B and 10x more than candidate C and is more likely to win. 

The candidate that spends the most money appears to win. This was the case for every councillor election in 2013. Refer to the 2013 Election Expenses page for reference.

I am fiscally conservative and believe in transparency. This doesn't mean after I take office, it starts with the campaign.

I had the option of opting for a self-funded campaign to a maximum of $10,000 or taking donations with the 'sky as the limit' and filing a disclosure statement of my campaign expenses. 

I took the option of running a campaign where I must file a disclosure statement only to show my transparency and disclose any 'in-kind' donations but I will not seek any donations. If you're looking to donate your money, there are plenty of charities that need the money dearly. However I will accept in-kind donations meaning promotional items at a reduced rate.


My platform fiscal policy statement:

My campaign will prove to ward 9 that with structure, will, dedication and proper planning it is possible to run a successful campaign without seeking donations. 

This is about putting my money where my mouth is and demonstrating the fiscal mindset and guidelines that I speak of. This is the mindset that can save Edmonton unnecessary costs and allow us to pursue unfinished, well overdue projects. I will show Ward 9 that the city of Edmonton's projects and project delays, over budget infrastructure projects and underestimated repair costs are fixable with the right structure, will, dedication and proper planning

My Fiscal Policy:

I wonder what our elections and candidates would look like if there was a cap set for total campaign expenses. How can a voter be convinced that a candidate is fiscally responsible if they win simply by spending the most money? An argument can be that 'the candidate was well prepared and found backing by local businesses and persons to support finance their campaign' but my question still remains. Your spending habits before taking elected office, regardless of income should reflect a structured and controlled budget because when the time comes that the income sources have disappeared but your spending habits remain; the result will be less than desirable.  

You pay property taxes. Directly or indirectly, we all pay property taxes. If you're a renter, part of the rent that you pay is allocated towards the taxes of that property. There are no tax exempt residential properties in Ward 9. The property tax is then funneled into one of the city's revenue sources as the largest source of income for the city government. The elected city councillors and mayor then provide a direction for and approve the use of those funds. 

Fiscal Policy