Payman has been involved with volunteering from a young age.

It started from 12 years old and carries on today. Payman has volunteered as a fundrasier for World Vision, assisted coaching Football and Soccer teams, the Boys and Girls club of Edmonton, an amusement park, a youth shelter, an animal protection society, the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Staff College, a municipal Staff Relations Committee, Apadana Women's Housing, Something4Humanity, the Hope Mission and the Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton.

The Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton

Payman was elected as the Vice President of the Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton (IHSE) in 2015. Each position at most societies is vital to the smooth operation of that Society. While there are certain expectations, mandates and duties of the Vice President position at the IHSE, Payman joined with the idea of progressing the Society with major, long term achievements. He had a career in politics planned from a young age and the Society was a great place to start and show the community what passion will achieve. 

The following will elaborate on achievements of Payman that were not requested, expected or tasked to him:

Within 15 months of being elected, aside from his regular duties within the Society, Payman has rewirtten a completely new set of bylaws, been approved for grants from the government, in the process of making the society a charitable organization, applied for certain licenses with organizations such as the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, obtained IHSE their very first office, in a building shared proudly with the Edmonton Heritage Festival Association, Edmonton Pride, West Carnival Association, other local societies within Edmonton, developed countless documentation, procedures and policies, established relations with local associations, written an official draft of Policy and Procedures and continues to progress the society with NGOs and the Government.

Upon being elected into his position, Payman did some background searching into the Society and obtained original documents of IHSE from the province dating back to 1987 and on. Payman began to seek government grants/funding and looked into making the society a charitable status society with the Canada Revenue Agency. He quickly realized he will need to amend and update the Society's bylaws as they were never amended from the original incorporation since 1987 (An unapproved amendment attempt was made in 1992).

Within 1 month of being elected Payman began to read over a 5 page document that the society believed was the Bylaws. Taking the information and objective of that document into account and guidance from Service Alberta, he wrote 20+ pages of bylaws for the society and presented it to the board within 2 months of being elected. Due to a lack of time the Bylaws review was put off for 4 months. Upon approval by the board, the society was called upon to vote on the Bylaws. The Bylaws were passed and forwarded to the province where they were reviewed and approved. A link to the bylaws can be found here.

  • The regular responsibilities, expectations and duties of the Vice President are described in the link above on pages 14, 15, and 17.

Payman remains the Vice President of the Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton today and continues to put his time into progressing the Society in any way he can. Below is a slideshow of Payman and his involvement with the society.


Volunteering within the Community