3. Terwillegar Drive. We have been driving on on/off ramps for decades on this highway. The real roadway, which still has not been built, is the large patch of grass that we see running between the current roads that we are using for Terwillegar Drive. Terwillegar Drive needs a much more updated ramp for the Whitemud traffic that is traveling to and from Terwillegar drive. Not only is the merging ramp from whitemud WB to Terwillegar Drive SB dangerous, it is also consistently bumper to bumper with traffic. An emergency vehicle would have an extremely difficult time should they ever have to pass vehicles during a busy time.

1. Anthony Henday Drive. Why Anthony Henday Drive is still only 2 lanes each way instead of 3 during the entire course of the Southwest leg, I still don’t understand. Anthony Henday Drive will soon become even more busy with the 3500 Vehicle Park n’ Ride parking lot to be built on the south side of the Anthony Henday Drive, adjacent to 135 Street. This intersection overpass and the widening of the highway are fast becoming necessities to function efficiently and effectively as an entire city.

4. Rabbit Hill Road. This road, fast becoming a busy hub between Windermere and South Terwillegar/Mactaggart was built with a traffic study that excluded the Anthony Henday Drive. The province built the overpass of Rabbit Hill Road over Anthony Henday Drive with 3 lanes in each direction. North of the Anthony Henday Drive, this roadway bottlenecks into 1 lane eachway. A nightmare for northbound and southbound vehicles, especially near the South Terwillegar Drive and Mullen Road Intersection.


We can work with the province to build a facility on City/Province owned land near 140 Street and Anthony Henday Drive. This location is not only accessible to Southwest Edmonton and projected growth in the area but can be a great health care facility location to nearby municipalities that often find themselves driving up to Edmonton from areas such as City of Leduc, the County and other nearby municipalities that may not have the required facility for the patient in their care.

I wrote the following on December 23rd and launched the website on January 23rd. I left it here so that the Ward can see my thinking before this campaign began and any announcements were made regarding the new facility. The following is unedited from the publish date of Jan 23rd: 

Southwest and Healthcare Facility Access 


The Southwest of the city is a rapidly growing community and one of the most fundamental basics of any city is accessibility to a Healthcare facility such as a hospital or an urgent care centre. The closest 3 hospitals to Southwest Edmonton are the Misericordia, the Grey Nuns and the University of Alberta Hospital. This is unacceptable as an ambulance ride to one of these facilities takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes from the time the patient is loaded until they get them to the ER (of course if the roads are optimal, dry and not congested). In almost all medical emergencies, timing is literally a matter of life and death and Southwest Edmonton appears to be lagging in this department.


We are too often being reactive to the fastest growing area of the city. With the rapid growth in Heritage Valley and the expected further growth and density in this area, we are quickly falling behind in matters that affect Southwest Edmonton the most.



We must progress and become more sustainable. Just as Canada should become more sustainable from the international market, Alberta should also become more sustainable along with the city of Edmonton. Why do we have to stop here? Our homes should be more Sustainable. If Henry Ford listened to industry, he would have made faster horses... creating new initiatives and working with industry such as home builders to effectively implement more modern technologies into the city's new properties or outdated homes can eventually help Edmonton become a much more efficient city. This does not require significant costs for the City or a resident. An example of an idea that is on the right track regarding home energy sustainability can be found here. I AM NO EXPERT, however I am open to and encourage new ideas. We have an incredibly talented population in Edmonton, it's time we show the province, the country and the world who Edmonton is. 

2. Ellerslie Road. With the development and establishment of retail/residence and traffic on this roadway, this road must be widened to accommodate the rapid area expansion. We are investing proactively in this area and reacting to the infrastructure problems that arise out of poor planning.