​Interrelations should be a priority for the City. We need solid diplomacy within and outside the city to succeed. Our relations with municipalities and government outside the City of Edmonton is key to our progression. 

Government Relations

The Federal Government has put in place an infrastructure plan that will pay for 50% of the major infrastructure projects. Previously the City/Province/Federal governments split the costs into roughly 33% each. With the government of Canada paying 50% of the costs, the City is in a position to negotiate with the provincial government to pay a much reduced cost on projects such as the examples made on the infrastructure section of my campaign.

Relations with the Federal government and Alberta government can assist in funding and programs for the city to ensure that our residents have easy access to the best available programs available provincial and nationally. With the proper government funding for Edmonton, we can pilot projects to lead the country in green infrastructure.


Ward 9 is the most affected ward in the city with regards to the annexation of land from Leduc County. For those that are unaware of the current situation, click here to be directed to the city's website. 

We have negotiated a framework of the proposed area of land that we plan to annex from the County. A strong team of negotiators is needed on the Annexation Negotiation Committee. Our Edmonton needs to be put in the right hands with people who have a strong voice and understand the process of procedural diplomacy. It is vital that we are not constantly trying to annex land as shortages appear and have a long term plan for the growth of our city. With a projected population of 2.2 million in about 30 years, we must begin not only to plan for this growth but be prepared for continuous progression past this point.  

Negotiation terms within any agreement are made by two parties with interests and the agreement should appear logical, practical and ideal for both parties. How you do anything is more important than what you do.

  • How you present your arguments or terms is key to ensuring your best interests are looked after while showing the parties to the agreement how they will also benefit. This is an area we always have room for improvement on.
  • A better relation with the Provincial Government and Municipal Government Board will definitely assist Edmonton by providing more avenues to a successful annexation and diminish occurrences such as the surprise annexation of land approval given to the Town of Beaumont by the Provincial Government. 

Edmonton will be obtaining the urgently needed land, but obtaining the right amount in a timely fashion are areas that could use improvement.

Industry Relations

It is key for Edmonton to consider industry as a key player in helping to grow this City and progress us on the world stage. Industry creates jobs, growth and often assists in joint projects with municipalities in major cost projects. Industry often puts forward grants and funding that help progress Edmonton and assist us in taking new initiatives. This is one avenue available to us as we continue to progress our relations with our industry.

As of 2010, Edmonton is a member of the Alberta Industrial Heartland with regards to the energy Sector within Alberta. You will not find a stronger candidate as a proponent of this industry for our City. Our energy sector is the most environmentally regulated energy sector in the world among oil producing countries. Click here to download a PDF of a study to further elaborate on our industry. New home builders and existing home builders can collaborate with the City to fund projects that help to make our City more sustainable. The energy sector is only one sector of a vast number within the primary, secondary and service industries of Edmonton.