Sign Installations

Plenty of signs must be placed throughout Ward 9 and maintained. A contact person is needed for each specific area to install or setup, maintain and take down signs. These are small and big signs that will be on city right of ways, private property lawns and on fences. 

​Social Media

Campaign Swag

Spread the Word

​Talk to me, Feedback

Social Media

I need help with people in sharing my social media posts. The power of each individual person is never to be underestimated on our campaign. Each and every share of social media posts or tags will increase our exposure. 

We NEED your help:

  • experience or not,
  • if you're contemplating whether we need your help or not
  • unfamiliar with campaigning,
  • unfamiliar with Payman,
  • don't have the time,
  • unsure where to start,
  • or any other reason but you are considering or you may be interested in helping us...

Please click contact us and get in touch with us.

"Every marathon begins with the first step." 

Nothing is impossible, we can and WILL make this work.

VOLUNTEER with the PARSEYAN Campaign

Spread the Word

Whether at work, at the dinner table, at a hockey game or just out and about; spreading the word is key. we want voters to get to have the opportunity to know Payman and make an informed decision when they cast that ballot.


Feedback is fundamental and key to our campaign. By providing feedback, whether you know it or not, you're assisting us and we consider that team work!

​Door Knocking

Sign Installations

Volunteer Drivers


Volunteer Drivers

Whether by choice or not, not all of our volunteers have access to vehicles and some will need a ride. These will be coordinated through rides and carpooling to help the team, the volunteers, the traffic and the environment! 



Door Knocking

There are 39,861 homes in Ward 9. I will try to get to each and every one but I need volunteers to help me reach these wonderful residents. I am committed to staying within a structured budget and volunteers are essential for me.

Campaign Swag

If you're willing to place a bumper sticker on your vehicle or wear a campaign shirt when you're out for a walk or working out at a rec centre, you're already doing more than we could ask. Thank you in advance to our future teammates.


We need volunteers that are willing to join us at different events, work with the campaign area managers and assist them with the core campaign work.