I am very proud to be resourcefuland transparent

Promotional Items
$5129.25 - Local Store A
$2988.56 - Local Store B
$2724.75 + $3255.00 - Local Store C
$1039.50 - Local Store D
$964.69 - Local Store E

$241.87 - Local Store F

$414.75 - Local Store D


$100.00 (nomination fee)



Total $17332.87

Please do be advised that these are ongoing numbers and the total numbers may change. I want to show my transparency and ability to campaign without seeking monetary donations of any kind. You are about to elect an official who will be in charge of your money and I want to show you my own habits. Campaign spending habits are usually a good indicator of spending habits in office.

Updated: October 9, 2017 at 2:08AM



$10,000 - Payman Parseyan

$5,000 - Pars Consulting Inc. (owned solely by Payman Parseyan)

$2,000 - Pom Grand Inc. (owned partly by Payman Parseyan)

$500 - Resident A (advised repeatedly that we do not want donations)

Total $17,500 - Monetary Contributions to the Campaign

In Kind

Total $11,378.60 - the retail/market value of Items and goods such as promotional items, t-shirts, industrial printers, toner, paper, stationary, screws, etc.​ donated by 8 different local sources.

Total $28,878.60