Arnold Schwarzenegger - 6 Rules to Success; if you're not familiar with these, get to know them. These are the rules that have helped guide and motivate me. 

Hiking throughout different areas of the planet has taught me to appreciate nature and appreciate the beauty it has to offer. I truly believe that nothing is impossible and am constantly pushing myself beyond my limits in order to grow. I'm terrified of heights... 

Being physically active and eating well has played a key factor in allowing me to enjoy my life to the fullest. If I'm not out of town or working, you'll find me at the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre. Discipline has kept me focused and in check. This mentality is contagious to other areas of my life which have allowed me to progress within my personal life and professional life. 

I was born in Iran. I immigrated to Canada with my family in 1997, we've been in Edmonton since 1998. Upon arriving to Canada, we made a habit of speaking only English at home so that we would all learn quickly. This was great in theory but I quickly forgot to read or write in my first language and within 10 years, I almost completely forgot to speak. For the past 6 years, I've taken an interest in relearning to speak and over the past year to read and write. I can read Farsi again, but I'm working on the writing. I can also speak some Yugoslavian (Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian) and have learned greetings in several other languages. Languages are very interesting to me and I am hoping to learn 3 more; French, Russian, Spanish. I am fascinated by life and the beauty of our universe, our planet and the people on it. If there is a night with bright auroras or a meteor shower, +30 or -30 degrees, you can find me outside watching them. 

Who am I outside work and politics?

Here is the me, no politics involved on this page. I'm straight forward, always smiling, don't like wasting any time, and firmly believe; its not what you do but how you do it that shows your character.

"This is about as close to a baby kissing photo as you're gonna get from me." 

(or perhaps no one had a baby that they would let me kiss...)